Bookmarks and crafts for sale

We had a small scale business when we were in the Philippines. We used to make personalized crafts like ref magnets, bookmarks, and even wedding give aways. When we came to Thailand, we never thought we would ever have a chance of making these products again.

Everytime I see bookmarks, I get nostalgic because I miss those times that we had to surf for designs, print them and make beautiful products for sale. Well, who would have guessed that now, we are blessed with a printer and a good laminator and yes, we are back on track! Now we do what we have always wanted to do, and here are samples of our products:

We aim to raise funds for our charity project.  If you are wondering what those colored backgrounds of the bookmarks are, that’s made of sinamay/ abaca  fiber, from the Philippines.  For orders, contact me! 😉

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Siam Paragon Mall

Siam Paragon is undoubtedly one of Bangkok’s prides.  It is a huge mall that sells signature products.  I have never seen so many boutiques with branded items ever in my life not until I set foot on Siam Paragon.  Of course it would be impossible for me to buy those signature products for now… which is exactly why the word “window shopping” was coined. LOL!

I made a collage of  the fancy boutiques there are in Siam Paragon– of course these are not all.  There’s lots, there would not be enough space if I uploaded photos of them all. Maybe this is one of the few places in Bangkok where an e cig is sold.

I don’t know if I could do actual shopping in the Paragon but our visit to Siam Ocean World on its basement was truly unforgettable!

Note: all photos are borrowed from my other blog.

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Choosing a career

I remember when I was about to graduate High School– practically everyone knew where they would go for university and what courses they will be taking.  I was one of the confused ones.  Did I ever really wanted to go to college in the first place? Haha.  I did, but I just had so much choices to choose from.

I did not go to my dream school or took the course I have always wanted, but I am happy where I am now. Sciences have never been my first love, but it sure is my sister’s. She took a degree in Geology and hoped to have one of those Data Mining Specialist Jobs when she graduated.

In the end she decided she also wanted to be a business woman so she pursued and finished a business degree. Geology is still very much her passion– she fondly talks about her geology days and misses it so much. I don’t know if she ever wants to finish what she has started. Maybe not anymore, but it sure was a good experience for her.

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Found at last!

I guess one of the disadvantages of digi-cams is yes, you can take as many photos as you want but there is no sense of urgency in having them printed so we could keep the hard copy. When we had our first baby in 2011, we used the camera with films that came in rolls so we had to develop them as soon as we can, and made Ria’s baby album.

With Roi, however who came 4 years later, it was already a digi-cam era so we just kept photos in CDs and kept procrastinating that we would have them printed as soon as we had the budget. Well, our boy is already 5 and is already looking for his baby photos and we could not show him any! Tsk… the sad thing is that we were not sure if the CDs would still be opened in our computers. Worse, we were not sure if the photos of him born (Joey was with me in the operating room) were really in that huge pile of CDs. Anything could happen in 5 years. Plus we had a major move from the Philippines to Thailand.

We were hoping… that the photos were still there! One CD after another… no photos of him yet. Until we came to the last one. Drumroll, please!

Whew! that was a close one.  I could not imagine not having to see these precious photos again.  Since we have a printer already and we also have some photo paper, hubby did not delay in printing them out. So here they are! Oh, how I miss having a baby this small!  But I don’t think we are capable of having another baby– so I can just take a look at these photos and enjoy as they bring back those sweet memories!

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Printing old photographs

I have to print Roi’s baby pictures soon. I think this is one of the advantages of being born in the digi-cam age… it will take forever for photos to be actually printed. I have compiled his photos in a disc and have uploaded them on facebook but I guess there is nothing like compiling the hard copies in a nice baby book– don’t you agree? When Roi sees his older sister’s photo album, he would ask me where his is.. so I have to do that soon!

This photo is one of my favorites– Roi has a mixture of curly and straight hair when he was about 2 and he had 4 teeth for like… forever!! He is such a darling, isn’t he? I remember how people were so fascinated of this happy little boy. He always received gifts and presents from friends. I am not sure if he received baby gifts online from red envelope or not… but some of those gifts we had to leave in our home country when we migrated to Thailand.

When I see photos like these, I get nostalgic and I want to have another baby so bad! But I guess there are so many things to consider in having another baby in the family nowadays. I don’t think our budget allows it for the moment.

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Swimming day

My kids love to swim!  It’s hard to keep up with them because once they hit the pool, it’s as if the world stops and they just would like to stay there forever!  Sadly for our family, hubby is not allowed to swim because of his ear perforations.  I, on the other hand, is not a good swimmer and no, I don’t like to swim very much.  I would rather just read a book somewhere or find a shade to sleep in. But with hubby’s condition, I have to swim with the kids whenever they want to.

We live in  a place very close to a pool in the nearest mall so almost every week the kids talk about going for a family outing. When this photo was taken, I was not able to buy goggles for them yet but I already did, a couple of weeks ago.

Their goggles are like precious treasures they want to look at every now and then– and a good reminder that’s time to go to the pool once again! Oh, kids! Where do they get their energy??  😉

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Financial reports

I am not very good at accounting. That’s a confession. But the thing is, I think I am in a situation in my life where I have to do things even if I am not good at it or necessarily like it. Making financial reports are a pain, but I consider it a learning experience. What fulfillment I feel when I am done with one every month!

Keeping receipts is one of the challenges in making these financial reports. I am not so careful at keeping receipts either. I just put them in my pocket or wallet, and they always end up in the trash bin. I have to remind myself over and over again that those tiny pieces of paper I need!! 😉

With bluetooth barcode scanners, it is not that difficult to ask for a receipt when you shop because they come with your goods, and you don’t have to wait that long! Imagine if I had to ask for an official receipt every time I make a purchase? Those scanners are really one of the best creations of man!

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